Lavender Violet Tone Correcting Conditioner 400mls

Lavender Violet Tone Correcting Conditioner 400mls

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Lavender Extract - Polyquaternium 10 - Grapefruit Extract - Rosemary Leaf Oil - Grape Seed Oil

  • Remove warm tones appearing.

  • Formulated with violet reflect to eliminate unwanted yellow/brassy tones occurring on blonde hair while strengthening and enhancing shine. Extends reflect durability of violets, cool reds and ash tones while extending colour life.

  • Environmental protection provided will protect against UVA and UVB rays maintaining longer lasting tonal results.

  • Suitable for all hair types, textures and lengths that requires the removal of warm tones or to maintain cool reflects.

  • Recommended for daily use or as frequent as your hair requires.

  • Medium violet tone formulation to counteract yellow. Frequent or constant use will achieve soft pearly violet tones.